The People

We are the “Pro Loco” association of Persiceto, but above all we are Emilians!

San Giovanni in Persiceto is a town of 30000 inhabitants located in the middle of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, thus few kilometers far from the epicentre of the earthquakes that overwhelmed this springtime in Emilia. Fortunately, our town has been barely touched by the earthquake that caused only minor damages, but forced us to be in close and obsessed relationship with fear.

However, the will-power of Emilian citizens is so strong as the desire to “smash” this relationship as soon as possible: look fear in the face and make it lower its eyes first. As we have not to cope with an emergency state here in Persiceto, we decided to take steps to help our “neighbors”, to make us all proud of being Emilians!!

Come on!!

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